Choosing the Perfect Windows for Your New Garage Door

Converting your garage to a living space and want a more airy feel? Considering updating the appearance of your home? Or are you just stuck in the process of choosing the right new garage door to install on your house-front? Whatever the reason, you’re likely thinking for adding windows to that new garage door. There are many benefits to adding windows to your home’s garage door, and different grades of glass to choose from depending on your security and privacy needs. Budget will obviously determine some of your choices. But you can achieve a great look with light, security and privacy on any budget; you just have to focus on the most important characteristics of garage door windows.

Garage Door Windows: 5 Things to Consider

  • Windows add natural light to your garage:
    • Rows of windows near the top of the garage door will add daylight to the entire garage without sacrificing privacy, as they’re too high to fall at eye level from the sidewalk.
    • Choosing a full-view aluminum and glass garage door gives you maximum light, a modern look, and an open feel if your garage is going to become a living space.
  • Frosted windows give you natural light and privacy:
    • Choosing frosted windows for your garage door is a modern and high-end appearance combined with maximum privacy.
    • Frosted windows will still add daylight to your garage.
  • Insulating garage door windows eliminates draft:
    • Insulated, or heavy windows won’t compromise the energy efficiency of your garage. In fact, if you’re choosing…

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