Increase in thefts from unlocked vehicles and outbuildings prompts warning from Mounties


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Published: Thursday, 11 November 2021 08:08

Written by Keith Leask

 RCMP at the Olds detachment have seen a marked increase in thefts from unlocked vehicles, garages and other outbuildings recently which is prompting them to warn owners to not allow themselves to become the targets of such thefts.

The Olds RCMP remind area residents to always lock their vehicles and outbuildings, particularly as the weather begins to turn colder and you might be tempted to leave your vehicle idling since “you’ll only be gone from it for a few seconds.”  According to the Olds RCMP’s Constable Morley Statchuk it can only take a thief a few seconds to take your car.

Statchuk also says an unlocked vehicle or an open window is an easy target and that most thefts of or from vehicles occur while the vehicle is parked in a residential area.

Here are a few tips from the RCMP to prevent becoming a victim of crime:

  • Ensure your vehicle is locked and the windows are closed.
  • Never leave keys in your vehicle.
  • Remove all valuables from your vehicle or move them from plain sight (phones, tablets, laptops, GPS, gifts, coins/currency, wallet, purse).
  • Park in a well-lit highly visible area.
  • If you have a garage use it and keep all garage doors locked.
  • Consider installing motion lights around your property.
  • If you see anyone suspicious report it to the police immediately.

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